Michael Nitro Music - Click track to listen


Michael Nitro (guitars, vocals)
Donny Fargo (drums - Mary Jane)
Thurane Onkyen (guitars - Mary Jane)
Dave Wolter (bass - Mary Jane)

Gordon Circle (bass - Lighthouse/Jersey)
Shawn Johnson (keyboards - Lighthouse/Jersey)
Curtis Rogers (drums - Lighthouse/Jersey)

Counting the Days (CD)
Michael Nitro (leads, vocals)
Gordon Circle (Bass, vocals)
Joe Longo (Bass)
Freddie Macarone (Percussion)
Sean Cooney (featured guitarist)
Walter White (featured guitarist)
Dan Wexler (featured guitarist)

Winning (CD)
Michael Nitro (leads, vocals)
Sean Cooney (guitar, vocals)
Steve Helm (bass, vocals)
Freddie Macarone (Percussion)